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My grandad's name is Marcelino Palma. He came from Loon Bohol. He is one of  9 brothers and probably  he has two or three sisters. He was married to Domingga Tebalan in Mindanao.

Travel to Siquijor island with white sandy beaches and clear waters ideal for diving or relaxing. Sandugan Paradise Beach & Restaurant  Kiwi Dive Resort

Municipality of Enrique Villanueva
Bitaug, Tulapus and Libo Beaches.
Daquit Diving Shoal. Enjoy scuba diving at Daquit shoal  which is located about three and a half kilometers off the coast of this municipality to the east.

Properties For Sale ! -- Lot for sale: 48,831 square meters with manganese deposit. Price: US$1,000,000.00 (One million USdollars)
Rose Cottage for Rent

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